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May Employees of the Month


Linda Brookhart – Monticello Middle School

A long-time district employee, Linda has always been one of the hardest workers.  She absolutely lights up any room she’s in and is someone anyone can go to when they need a kind word or boost of positivity.  Linda is always thinking of others and willing to help anyone who needs it.  It is hard to imagine Monticello without her.



Brenda Winters – Kessler Elementary

Brenda joined our district in 2004 and became a permanent employee in 2013.  She has always gone above and beyond to serve every student in her school.  She took the lead with the Conscious Discipline and also offered to teach it.  She has also volunteered to be on the PTO to help the students get field trips and to bring the Pacific Science Center to her school.  She has always displayed a positive, can-do attitude in all she does and is described by fellow employees as the heart of Kessler.

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February Employees of the Month

Cascade Middle School Assistant Principal, Kristopher Chrisopulos is new to the district but has fast become a valued employee.  Over the course of the school year it has become very clear that he epitomizes the can-do spirit that is so vital to success with middle school students.  He has gone out of his way to develop a positive rapport with students and staff.  He looks for way to show people that he cares about and respects them, while still maintaining the highest standards of decorum and academic success.  His deft ability to create a positive atmosphere is motivational to both students and staff and makes school a great place to learn and work.


Kessler Elementary Secretary, Christine Kelly joined the district in 2005 as a paraeducator before becoming a secretary.  In her role as head secretary she is known for her calmness and ability to stay level-headed.  She can be on the phone, covering the nurse’s office, and talking to a parent at the desk all at the same time, and doing it with a smile on her face.  She knows the families and kids at her school and doesn’t get rattled when she is faced with a difficult situation.  She is an asset to her building and the district.

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November Employees of the Month


Barbara Moore

Barbara Moore joined the district in 2011 and has since been known for her kindheartedness. She shows kindness to all students and is willing to help if they are in need. Not only is she positive and kind toward our students, but she is also uplifting to the staff with her positive attitude and words of kindness. She inspires others to do their best. Despite occasional challenges, she doesn’t complain. She remains positive and shares her calm and kind disposition with everyone she encounters.


Victoria Giles

A long-time Longview Public Schools team member, Vickie Giles, displays an upbeat personality that has contributed to providing a motivating and uplifting atmosphere in the transportation department. She has been a foundation of strength and guidance for struggling members and encouraged them with knowledge, words of encouragement and a warm, friendly smile. She is always available for department/district needs, even putting her own plans aside on evenings and weekends should the need arise. Vickie received a call from a team looking for a bus on a Saturday that they didn’t have ordered but she dropped everything on her day off to get a bus to the team and find a driver to take them as well, even volunteering to drive them herself to ensure the team would be able to attend their event at Districts.

She is selfless when it comes to the needs of the department and is an incredible asset to our district.

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October Employees of the Month

John Hancock has been a valued Kessler team member since he joined Longview Public Schools in 2016. It’s noted that he has embraced Conscious Discipline and developed his ability to be patient, kind, and maintain a positive attitude. He has gone out of his way to stop and help students outside of his grade level; sharing his calm and positive attitude with them when needed most.

Cindy Street has been a long-time Longview Public Schools team member, lending her expertise to the transportation department since 1984. She does an amazing job getting Pervasive students rides on short notice to and from school at times that are out of the norm. Cindy can be contacted any time of day and will be able to find a bus to support our students quickly with a can-do attitude, even when it’s going to be tough. She will be sorely missed when she retires in 2019.



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September Employees of the Month

Julie Schneider (on the left) has been a Longview Schools team member for over 20 years, and a good portion of that time has been spent at Broadway Early Learning Center. She is on the PTO committee, Site Based Committee, the Trelis Team, and has many other “hats” she wears at the campus. Julie has so much history and knowledge when it comes to connecting with Broadway families. She truly understands how impactful early intervention can be for our students. Her nominator referred to her as a “gem” and feels very lucky to have her on the team.

Theresa Bru (on the right)  has been a para educator since 2011 when she started at Cascade Middle School, eventually moving to Kessler. Theresa is quick to spot and address student needs and always does so with a smile. She has made it a smooth transition for many students who have moved back to Kessler with the opening of a new Extensive Support Program. Her nominator noted that, “Theresa is amazing!”

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May Employees of the Month

Principal Noma Hudson, left, took over the principal post at Kessler Elementary School this year and has had a positive influence on the climate making it feel more united. Discipline problems are handled promptly and in a positive manner. Student achievement is a priority and Noma instills the attitude that all children are learners.

Noma began her time with LPS in 1983 as an English teacher. She spent a number of years as a valuable team member at Mark Morris High School and serving as LEA President. In more recent years, she has served as an assistant principal and principal at RAL, CVG, and Cascade.


Mark Morris custodian Eileen Goodwin, right, has been an invaluable team member in both food service and operations since 2010. She is currently a custodian at Mark Morris and her flexibility and willingness to help beyond her assigned responsibilities are greatly appreciated. She goes above and beyond expectations of the job on a daily basis. Safety and security of the building are a responsibility of this position that she takes as seriously as the cleanliness of the building. Without employees like Eileen who are willing to sub in other positions we would not have such a smooth transition when unplanned absences (morning call ins) happen in the Operations Department.

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March – National Breakfast Month

To celebrate March as National Breakfast Month our Nutrition Department will offer “i-Breakfast Wednesdays!” Thanks to the Washington Dairy Council, drawings for weekly prizes of i-Tunes Gift Cards will be held the first four Wednesdays of the month. A grand prize of an i-Pad will be awarded to a student who participates in breakfast during this time! This year’s special menu will feature fruit and yogurt parfaits. No purchase is necessary.

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Kessler Conference Information

Kessler conferences will be held November 15 – 22.  Students will be released at 12:00 pm, after lunch is served.  If you are unable to make your scheduled conference time, please call the office at 575-7541 to reschedule.  We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your student’s achievement!

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